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to Protect the Our Environment

EcoTourism Documentaries, Interviews with Leaders, and Reviews of Products

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Up there! That's me on Uhuru Peak! See the TV documentary of my hike up Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, East Africa! Click on the photo below.

Roger Fielding of Cultural Vacations and Safaris, located in Orlando, Florida, USA, sponsored our tour of Tarangire National Park and Mount Kilimanjaro.

ECOVIEW.Info offers my international travel documentaries, my radio interviews, my reviews of products and books, and my reviews of documentaries and theatrical features.

My technician designed this html/css assembly for the difficult and intermittent internet portals of the developing world. Though not elegant, this assembly will appear on screens and cellphones everwhere -- Ouarzazate, Mombasa, Atitlan, South Central Los Angeles.

Travelers will see my ECONEWS TV documentaries of international destinations. People of the world interviewed in my ECONEWS video documentaries will see their own images, hear their voices, listen to the music of their cultures.

Television stations may review my documentaries for their schedules. On request, I will provide high-definition video for broadcast.

Leaders and entrepreneurs interviewed who do not hear my radio programs via broadcast can hear their audio interviews via YouTube. Click on Radio Interviews.

Entrepreneurs developing environmental products and services can view the text and / or video reviews of their products via URL on Product Reviews.

Writers may read my comments on their books in Book Reviews.

For reviews of documentaries and theatrical features, go to Movie Reviews.

Professor Nancy Pearlman of ECONEWS hosts most of the programs. She negotiated and produced the documentaries for her ECONEWS television series.

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