Resume of Professor Nancy Pearlman

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BIO: Nancy Pearlman is an award-winning broadcaster, environmentalist, college instructor, anthropologist, editor, producer, on-air personality, and outdoorswoman who has made safeguarding the earth’s ecosystems a career. She currently is serving her fourth term as an elected official on the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Community College District. Click: Biography for more details.

COMMUNITY COLLEGE CAMPAIGN: In November 2020, Nancy will run for her fifth term as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Los Angeles Community College District.

( in assembly ) Click: Election Campaign Pages to contribute to her reelection, make an endorsement, volunteer, and learn more about her positions.


ENVIRONMENTAL DIRECTIONS: Since 1977, Nancy has hosted and produced the country’s longest running environmental radio show.

ECONEWS: Since 1984 the three-time EMMY nominated ECONEWS television television series has aired on over 200 cable stations. Special documentaries have aired on all 300 PBS stations. Click on Environmental Projects to get show listings and distribution and sponsorship information. Go to ECONEWS with Nancy Pearlman on YouTube to see some recent shows.

CONSULTANCIES AND LECTURES: Nancy is available to give talks and lectures or be a panelist on topics ranging from ecotourism to international conservation programs to community college education. She can provide expertise on sustainability issues and green activities. Her production company can create product promotional videos and she can produce and host radio shows featuring your expert. She has travelled to over ninety countries and has done documentaries in over 30 nations and loves to share her videos and stories.

ECOVIEW SEGMENTS: Nancy’s production company will produce short video segments for her ECOVIEW website and YouTube channel to promote products, company activities, programs, venues, and individuals. These may also be used by those represented in their social media.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS: Since Nancy coordinated Earth Day in southern California in 1970, she has worked with hundreds of environmental and conservation organizations. She has served as Executive Director of Educational Communications since 1972. She founded the Ecology Center of Southern California (1972), Project Ecotourism (1993), Campus Greening (1994) and many other ecological activities. Click: Environmental Projects for links to these activities or go to

ETHNIC DANCE PERFORMANCES: Nancy still lectures and demonstrates with a professional world ethnic dance company folk dances from around the world. Check: Ethnic Dance Performances link or go to for details.

CABIN IN IDYLLWILD: The “Pearlman Cabin” in Idyllwild, California in the San Jacinto Mountains (between Palm Springs, Banning, and Hemet) is now listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. It is available for film and photo shoots, meetings, or visitations. This world-famous cabin was designed by John Lautner, a Frank Lloyd Wright protégé and built by Bill Branch as commissioned by Dr. Carl K. and Agnes Pearlman. Click: Cabin in Idyllwild for eight pictures.

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